HOLCOMBE Takes Over!

The 2019 Greece-Italy tour was very tough on the bodies and minds of our riders, and the two Champion Lubricants Enduro Tests in these two GPs were one of the main reasons for this! Both long and very technical, they put a great strain on the machine and the man, and we’ve now had a change of leader in the Mika Ahola "Brave One" Trophy!

Danny MCCANNEY (GB - TM) arrived at the beginning of the tour at the head of the standings, and never found his rhythm on the Enduro Tests during the two weekends, with only one test victory on Saturday in Italy... therefore he had to relinquish his lead to his compatriot Steve HOLCOMBE (Beta)!
The double winner of the "Brave One” trophy, despite still suffering with a prolonged illness, put together a great Greek GP (2/6), before impressing again in Rovetta (2/1). The Beta Factory rider is now 11 points ahead of Brad FREEMAN (GB - Beta Boano) and 18 in front of MCCANNEY...
Unbeatable in the heat of Greece, we all thought that FREEMAN would come out at the top of the table, but the collarbone fracture suffered on Sunday in Serres meant he just had to aim for some points in Italy (7/13).
Behind the British trio, Alex SALVINI (I - Honda), unlucky in the Greek Enduro Test as he dislocated his shoulder (-/14), finished the tour in style in front of his home crowd (12/2). ‘Rocky’ now takes over 4th place, in front of his E2 rival Loïc LARRIEU (F - TM), who was consistent over the two weekends (8/8/5/3).
Finally, Matteo CAVALLO (I - Sherco) could have been the closest to HOLCOMBE, FREEMAN and MCCANNEY if only a battery problem hadn’t prevented him from scoring points on Sunday in Italy, he was enjoying the long and tricky Enduro Test and had taken three 3rd places.

The Mika Ahola's "Brave One" Trophy race is in full swing and is still all to play for with three riders covered by just 18 points. The upcoming Czech Republic Grand Prix at Uhlirske Janovice could shake things up even more, but first the stars of EnduroGP will have a two months summer break to recover, rest, and train. 

Provisional Classification: 1. Steve HOLCOMBE 161pts; 2. Brad FREEMAN 150pts; 3. Danny MCCANNEY 143pts; 4. Alex SALVINI 87pts; 5. Loïc LARRIEU 86pts; 6. Matteo CAVALLO 85pts; 7. Christophe CHARLIER 81pts; 8. Thomas OLDRATI 80pts; 9. Andrea VERONA 69pts; 10. Giacomo REDONDI 53pts…