« I want to give back to Enduro, because it gave me so much…»

Five-time World Enduro and SuperEnduro Champion, Ivan CERVANTES (E) retired from international competition at the end of the 2016 season. At the same time, the Real Federacion Motociclista de Espana (RFME) put forward a team composed of young riders for two seasons in EnduroGP. The two situatuons seemed to make for a good pairing…

After completing a tough Dakar, Ivan CERVANTES signed a contract with the RFME and its President Mr. CASADO ALVAREZ, which makes him the Sports Manager of Enduro in Spain... 
My role will be to improve the quality of the events in the Spanish Championship by supporting the organisers and advising them on a sporting level ... so you could almost call me the Track Inspector!

But El Torito’s role will actually be much more extensive, because he will also be attending rounds of the FIM Maxxis Enduro World Championship... 
Indeed, I am in charge of managing the young Spaniards’ hopes for the 2018 EnduroGP season! We will run a multi-brand team of 3 to 4 riders who will be involved in the Junior classes in seven Grand Prix, and they will have the ambition of contending for the top places!
The Champion from Cambrils will also be the coach of the Spanish National Teams (Trophy and Juniors) who hope to shine at the next ISDE in Chile in November.

In 2018 Ivan CERVANTES will have a packed schedule but that is not going to curb the enthusiasm of this popular champion... “I really want to boost these young people and allow them to gain experience through my advice and my knowledge. And if all goes well with the Spanish Federation, I also hope to extend this contract in the future, the role fills me with motivation and I really like this new challenge!

Having advised and mentored a certain Josep GARCIA in the past, there is no doubt that Ivan CERVANTES has all the assets and the knowledge to succeed in his new job. He will be a superb ambassador for EnduroGP and Enduro as a whole. As he explains... “I want to try to give back to this sport all that it gave to me. Enduro is a wonderful sport that deserves to be respected and encouraged!

In addition to being a great champion, Ivan CERVANTES proves with these words his humility and his real and enduring passion for this sport. And it is of course a great pleasure for fans of the friendly and smiling ‘Torito’ that they will be able to see him, once again, in the paddocks of EnduroGP and the Spanish Championship!