« It’s not me who decides - it’s my body! »

Before the beginning of the EnduroGP season and the start of the legendary "Lake Päijänne" race in Finland, we learned of a serious injury sustained by French rider Mathias BELLINO during a private training session. We met the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing frontrunner during the Italian GP which took place at the end of May in Spoleto, and we took the opportunity to hear from him about his possible return to the Championship at the Maxxis GP of Hungary...


Hi Mathias, how is your recovery going?
Mathias BELLINO: “I’m glad to be here. My recovery is going quite well, but it is long. I am on the right track, and I am confident for the future”

How have you filled your days?
M.B : “I have taken care of my girlfriend, Jessica GARDINER. I have followed her training very much because I could not do much else and I took the opportunity to help her as much as possible. But for the last two / three weeks, I have taken care of myself a little more, I have started partaking in sport again; jogging, road biking, and muscle building. I’m now on the last leg of my journey to recovery".

Your girlfriend, Jessica GARDINER, competes in the Enduro Women category, is it difficult to support her at the races when you cannot compete yourself?
M.B : “To see her racing doesn’t trouble me much because she has been competing for a few years and I'm used to it. But it's true that coming to a race and not being able to ride is frustrating. It is not easy to accept but as soon as I fell I knew that my season would be compromised. Now I just have to look forward, and hope to be back quickly"


Will we have the chance to see you back on your Husqvarna at the Hungarian GP?
M.B : "Good question! I’ll do everything I can, but at the end of the day it's not me who decides, it’s my body. I will try to get on the bike within 3 weeks, just before the GP. If I have no pain, despite the lack of training, I will be there. But I must not aggravate the situation. I may just make it, there's a small chance”

Mathias, what do you think about how your team-mates are doing this year?
M.B : “I’ve known Danny MCCANNEY for a while, we were competitors at the same time in the Junior class. He's a nice guy, he's riding well. He encountered a problem in Finland, but I think he will get stronger as the season progresses. And then there's Pascal RAUCHENECKER, who I get along with really well. He is quick and has a clean riding style. He is a technical rider and I hope he will reach his potential and stay at the front all season because he is good enough for that. CHARLIER is impressive for a rookie. He has the speed to get a podium for sure. Now in Enduro it's a matter of experience and he’s lacking in that a bit. He has come from MXGP where things are highly competitive and technical, he only needs a few small adjustments to become very quick”