OLDRATI Wins the Super Test!

In front of a large number of Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and French (!) fans, the stars of the FIM Maxxis Enduro World Championship put on a great show for more than two hours for this third Akrapovic Super Test of the 2018 season!

On this very technical and slow Super Test, it seemed for a long time that current 125cc Youth leader Matthew VAN OEVELEN (B - Sherco) was going to surprise everyone and secure the best time! Indeed, five duels went by before his great time of 2'11''96 was beaten!
It was Thomas OLDRATI (I - Honda RedMoto) who demoted the young Belgian with a perfect lap (2'08''22) in a duel against his close friend Christophe CHARLIER (F - Beta). Behind the 2008 Junior World Champion, Manxman Danny MCCANNEY (GB - Gas Gas) took second place with a 2’10’'94, ahead of the ‘hero of the night’, Matthew VAN OEVELEN (B - Sherco).

Thomas OLDRATI (I - Honda RedMoto)

In the Juniors, it was Thibaut PASSET (F - Yamaha) who dominated, scoring the 7th fastest time across all categories, and winning Junior in front of David ABGRALL (F - Sherco), 9th best time overall, and Enric FRANCISCO (E - KTM), 10th best overall…

It was a disappointing night for the leader of the Super Test Akrapovic Trophy, Alex SALVINI (I - Husqvarna) who suffered when his bike stopped for a few moments., But a strong night for OLDRATI, MCCANNEY and HOLCOMBE. This means that the battle for the trophy at the next Super Test (Trentino Grand Prix) will be worth its weight in gold...

Provisional Classification: 1. Alex SALVINI 20pts ; 2. Thomas OLDRATI 17pts ; 3. Danny MCCANNET 15pts ; 4. Steve HOLCOMBE 15pts ; 5. Brad FREEMAN 13pts; 6. Christophe CHARLIER 12pts; 7. Christophe NAMBOTIN 10pts; 8. Matthew PHILLIPS 10pts; 9. Mathias BELLINO 9pts; 10. Jamie MCCANNEY 9pts…

Matthew VAN OVELEN (B - Sherco)