REDONDI recognised by Italian President

Last Monday 12 June will forever be a historic day for the FMI (Italian Motorcycling Federation) as well as for Enduro sport in Italy and around the world...

Indeed, Italian President Sergio MATTARELLA received, at the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, the federations and athletes who best represent Italy through their various sports. Among them, our 2016 Junior World Champion, Giacomo REDONDI (I - Honda) and the FMI’s new president Giovanni COPIOLI
Italy’s Minister for Sports Luca LOTTI, and the National Olympic Committee (CONI) president Giovanni MALAGO were also present at this prestigious ceremony.

"Being able to meet the President as well as being in contact with many other champions from other disciplines has been an honour. I would like to thank the FMI for providing me with one of my best ever memories; I felt a lot of respect for my 2016 title and it was very intense for me. This has motivated me even more to aim for excellent results this year in the World Championship!” Said REDONDI.

"People are wrong to think that sport is just a leisure activity," said President MATTARELLA. "Sport is of real social, cultural and educational importance, with great economical impact too. We wanted to showcase the talent and recognise these athletes, and it also has a positive impact on the well-being of the country; sport brings with it so many hopes and dreams."

It is not every day that our sport is given the honour of recognition by a head of state, and to see Enduro well represented by "RED" and the FMI president Giovanni COPIOLI proves that our discipline has a bright future. Mr. MATARELLA’s outght to be followed by other heads of state...

Sergio MATTARELLA - Giovanni COPIOLI - Giacomo REDONDI
Pic: Coni-GMT