REMES takes the lead !

As soon as they walk the tests for the first time, riders were a bit scared about the Enduro Test of this Grand Prix Maxxis of Greece. Long and technical, this test took a lot of energy from the stars of the EnduroGP and the rain we face from Thursday made it even more nice and demanding!

ROBERT shines…mabot

In this tough Enduro Test, some riders lost valuable points like 2015 E3 World Champion Mathias BELLINO (F – Husqvarna) who can’t do better than 8th on Saturday and 26th on Sunday. Same for Beta Boys Alex SALVINI (I – 10/21) and Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – 4/12)
Leader after Morocco and Portugal, HOLCOMBE has to let the place to the “tough man” of this Grand Prix: Eero REMES (SF – TM)! Absolutely unstoppable during the two days, he signs a remarkable 2/1 to take the command of the Mika Ahola “Brave One” Trophy
Only rider able to resist to REMES on Saturday, US guy Taylor ROBERT (KTM) showed a lot of power and will to win on Day 1 and score a 3rd position on Sunday. It permits him to take the 4th position behind HOLCOMBE (2nd) and a very consistent Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS): 6/4…
Huge comeback in the standing from Johnny AUBERT (F – Beta), who thanks to his 3rd and 2nd ranks, is going from 10th to 6th, just 4 points from the Top 5!

Stars of the EnduroGP had some tough moments with the two first Enduro Test of the season and hoped for better days in Grevena… But they’ll have to wait! They are leaving Greece exhausted thanks to this very nice Enduro Test. If REMES is taking control of the Mika Ahola “Brave One” Trophy, he has just a 6 points lead over HOLCOMBE and PHILLIPS. We can’t forget also ROBERT, BELLINO, AUBERT, SALVINI or also WATSON and BASSET as they’ll look to be back in the fight for the belt from the GP of Finland, in the land of very late Mika AHOLA, in three weeks.

Standing: 1. Eero REMES 88pts ; 2. Steve HOLCOMBE 82pts ; 3. Matthew PHILLIPS 82pts ; 4. Taylor ROBERT 74pts; 5. Mathias BELLINO 62pts; 6. Johnny AUBERT 58pts; 7. Alex SALVINI 52pts; 8. Nathan WATSON 52pts; 9. BASSET 51pts; 10. LARRIEU 42pts…