Rule changes and 2018 provisional calendars

Following meetings between the manufacturers, teams and riders engaged in the FIM Maxxis Enduro World Championship, the FIM and the Championship Promoter ABC Communications have decided to make changes to the rules that will be applied from 2018 to encourage the participation of the greatest possible number of riders and teams.



    Enduro 1 (E1): Up to 250cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke
    Enduro 2 (E2): 250+ cc 4 stroke up to 450cc 4 stroke
    Enduro 3 (E3): 250+ cc  2 stroke and 450+ cc 4 stroke
    EnduroGP: Rankings based on overall standings (E1-E2-E3)
Starting order: 1st to 15th in inverse order of the provisional rankings.
JUNIORS & YOUTH 125cc - Age limit 23 years 

In order to encourage more young riders to take part in the Junior and Youth 125cc categories, it has been decided that the final rankings will take into account the 10 best results in Juniors and the 8 best results in Youth 125cc.

JUNIORS – Age limit 23 years

Creation of Junior 1 and Junior 2 categories, but there will be just one winner of the FIM Junior Enduro World Cup based on the overall rankings (J1-J2) taking into account the 10 best results. 

    Junior 1 (J1): Up to 250 cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke 
    Junior 2 (J2): 250+ cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke 

YOUTH 125 cc - Age limit 21 years.

The final rankings of the FIM Youth Enduro World Cup 125cc are based on the 8 best results. 


Several organisational changes will be applied from 2018:

- Wednesday evening before the event: Distribution of timetables, time sheets and itineraries.
- Thursday morning: Opening of the paddock to the teams. 
- Friday night after the Super Test: Motorcycles will be placed in the parc fermé.


                        E    EJ    EY
17-18 March    Helsinki – Päijänne*                           Finland         SML       X    X    
27-29 April    Santiago de Compostela                      Spain              RFME   X    X    X
04-06 May    Castelo Branco                                        Portugal        FMP       X    X    X
01-03 June    Tallinn                                                     Estonia          EMF       X    X    X
30 June    The Wall (Arco di Trento)**                      Italy               FMI        X        
TBA July    TBA                                                               France           FFM       X    X    X
01-02 September    Edolo                                             Italy                FMI       X    X    X
22-23 September    Hawkstone Park*** (TBC)        UK                   ACU      X    X    X
12-14 October    Woltersdorf                                        Germany        DMSB    X    X    X